Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I haven,t seen my husband 3 years

I married my husband 4 year ago, a year after our wedding we had beautiful baby, after some months he suggested he was going abroad for a greener pastures‎ for his family. Immediately he left, he change seriously, he promised to be coming home every 3 month, but it's going to 3 years now, I ve not seen him, no support financially, spiritually, physically and...

..emotionally for I and our baby. Some month after his travelling, I found out from his document at home, that a woman invited him abroad, that was why he has never ask us to come over to visit him. He has promised to come home more than 6 times now, but gives different excuses for not coming. I was retrenched from my job last year, up till now my husband... not ask me how I am feeding or coping as there is no more communication between us again.  I will be approaching my late thirty soon and I still want to have more babies.
Should I wait for him or walk away?
I need a polite and sincere response.
The End.

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