Monday, January 18, 2016

I like him, but he,s never noticed me!!!!

Hello admin, GOD bless you. Since I joined this channel, I learn from people's experiences. I have one that is disturbing me right now. I met a guy through my brother's office & we got talking. Before, I don't have anyone i'm dating & presently i'm due for marriage. After I broke up with my ex (a yoruba guy). Since then, i've not been in a serious relationship since jan. 2013.

I've been single since then, I have prayed and fasted, no one was coming my way, (reasonable ones).... am really worried. Fast forward to when I met this guy through my brother's office, he's a christian, tall, but not comfortable, he's not handsome, but he's just ok. Normally he's not my kind of man, i'm far finer than him. He hasn't said anything to me, he just wants me to assume.

He doesn't call me, he doesn't text me, just whatsapp chat  whenever he comes online. The problem is that I know he likes me, but he doesn't want to say it. Last week was the last time we chatted, and he was just telling me he's sad. I said what's d matter he now said I should guess. "guys can u imagine", I should guess
what's making him sad.

Before then he said there's something he wants to tell me that it's very important, I said ok, go ahead... "infact that I should forget, infact not now, infact that i'm beautiful".  I'm fed up, I am tired of all this, the reason why i've not yet blocked him yet it's bcos I don't have anyone else. I really don't like him, his attitude is annoying, he's not been a man.

Since, last week till now he hasn't said any word to me. Does he really like me? or what?. Please what is his problem, I want to start dating again, I need help. Please help me.

Advise Please.


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