Friday, January 15, 2016

“I Married My Nigerian Wife Because I Love Naija Food & Culture” – Oyinbo Man Confesses

Check out this beautiful interracial couple based in Dublin Ireland.
Mr David Lynch recently took to a Nigerian video channel to answer the question,  “Can Nigerians marry a White Man?”
Read what David Lynch wrote in the comment section of the site.
“I am Oyibo and I married my Nigerian wife Omonefe Lynch for the benefits. Especially stew, pounded yam, egusi soup and star beer. Plus she has given me beautiful children, she has inspired me to be successful in my life and she has enriched me with Nigerian culture and the opportunity to travel to Nigeria often and enjoy the beautiful country. I have benefited from the marriage more than she has”
Check out David & Omonefe’s adorable children below
oyinbo married nigerian woman

This is so cute… If Oyinbo can appreciate his Nigerian wife, Naija men have no excuse.

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