Thursday, January 14, 2016

I wish I never met her ( Continuation)

Its always good for one to look back and say yes I really made some mistakes that broke my relationship, finally I had to say I WAS GLAD I MET HER, and not I  WISH I NEVER MET HER.
Hi Genny,

My story Continues :-

Kemy was a very sweet girl, she was there for me all the time, she's a woman I so wish I have by my side all the time,Yes its down on me that am the one that hurt her badly but all this while I never saw all the pains she was going through.
Each time she will ask me, honey are my not
good enough for you?

She was going through a lot, but the truth is that, I had few girls in my life when I came back from UK, and I wanted her to give me little time to put things in place,Kemy was a woman... She was a keeper, she went through a lot and yet she stood strong by my side, one thing she didn't get to see was that have made up my mind to spend the rest of my life with her as my new year resolution, but bad timing, I think she has also made up her own mind to leave me from this new year.

But I blame my self in all of this relations, but I blame this Juliet in one place, honey you where seeing your Ex boyfriend, cos if you where not seeing him behind my back, he would not have had the time to come fully back or have full access to you during xmas period.

I take the fall, I take it all, please Kemy, if you ever get to see this write up, just know that I will forever cherish the day I met u, I will forever be ur big head boo as u often calls me, I will forever wish to have you back, and treat you like the queen, you the queen you  deserve to be treated as, u are my Joy, my all and my pride, this house miss u, everyone missed u so much... But if be it that " This is it forever" Good then dear... I will be strong and forever be proud of the man you have made me to be.

Bye dear.

She was a gift to me, but I messed up..I am crying I can't write again.

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