Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Is He Worth My Virginity?

Hi Gennypearl.

I read almost all the relationship stories on your blog, I must confess am so impressed with what you are doing, keep it up.
I had to also share my own story, I am not a story writer, but I felt a problem shared is half solved. I am a student of Federal University Of
Technology Minna,am 25 years old, am
presently in my 4th year. Am studying
Microbiology . I am the first daughter of my family, I have  just 3 younger ones, they are all in boarding school. We are 2 girls and 2 boys. We have a lovely family, my mum and dad tried their possible best to train us well. Last year January, I lost my dad in cold had of sickness, it was the worst moment of my
life, but God knows Best, My issues now is that I
 promised my father when he was alive that I
will remain a VIRGIN till I get married.
I met this guy in my first year in the university, he is a very nice, good looking guy, he has done so many things for me, he took over my fees immediately my dad passed away. He has been like a God sent to me, he recently gave a huge amount of  money to start a business for my
We are having some issues now, we have dated for 4 years without sex, he has been complaining all this while though, but I kept persuading him, he told me that, that's the only way couples express their feelings and love for each other.

Am confuse right Now, my Question is
Or should I still keep the promise I made to my father.

Please I need advice. Thanks


  1. he is ready to marry you, after Aving sex with him if not keep ur promise.till u get married.

  2. You said,he said "that's how COUPLES express their love" abi? So why can't he just marry and have done with it. Because as of now you two are nOt couples. After marriage no problem again, you can have sex anytime

  3. Tell him abt d promize u made 2 ur Dad and if he still insist, let him promize u d@ he will be ur husband, by den u can give it 2 him coz he has done alot 4 u!


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