Wednesday, January 13, 2016

"I've fallen in love with my close friend but he's engaged to his girlfriend"

I have been friends with this guy for 2 to 3 years now, but I started having feelings for him since last year but couldn't tell him.
One day he called me and asked when we are going to sit together and meet our pastor for marriage, I laughed over it thinking he is joking and now the feelings is getting stronger by the day.
He called me one day to come over to his place and to know why I asked him if the girl that comes to visit is his girlfriend. I went and he asked if I have feelings for him, I said yes. He asked since when and I said for a year now, he held my hands and told me he loves me too and has this feeling for long, we kissed and I left.
The next day he called me and said we should put our relationship on hold. I later asked him why and he told me he's currently engaged to his girlfriend but isn't interested in her anymore due to her bad habits.
He said he informed his fiancée he can't continue but his pastor said both of them must come to an agreement. What should I do? Should I continue to stay hold on for him because we love each other.

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