Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ladies, These are the Kind of Men You Should Never Ever Date!

What are the types of men you should never date? Here, a sexologist gives you five of them below:
Image Guy: He’s got the flash jeep, spends a fortune on his clothes and only likes to be seen at the ‘in’ places. His girlfriend will be chosen for the very same reason— you’re there simply to make him look good.

The Adrenaline Junkie: If he’s addicted to the rush excitement, not only will you spend all your time watching from the side lines waiting for him to return from his latest adventure, there’s the pressure of constantly delivering his kicks in the bedroom, knowing if you don’t, he’ll just get his thrill from sex on the side.

Bitter Boys: Between men who bad-mouth all their exes, you’ll be the one that he is badmouthing to the next girl. It means he’s taken zero responsibility for his contribution to problems and will blame you for everything too.
Mr Over Confident: If he never, ever seems to get nervous around you, it could mean that he is not emotionally invested. A tell tale give away; standard, one-answer, suits-all replies to relationship or commitment queries.
Unreliable Man: He never calls when he says he will, turns up late or not at all. Nothing erodes self-confidence faster than a man you can’t rely on.

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