Monday, January 25, 2016

Meet Our guest: Kelvin Ebony Ayok Adams

Your Name: Kelvin Ebony Ayok Adams

State: Kaduna state

Relationship: I am not single and not married, I have a smooth relationship Going on

What do you do :I am an entrepreneur, Blogger, PR and the latest movie producer in town:

Why Blogging: Blogging to me is not just a profession but like a religion and that why I am passionate about it, blogging seems to be the only smooth relationship that will never break my heart, I love blogging and the only person I love more than blogging is my God and that's why I try to strike a balance between my God and blogging but give and take blogging to me is a way of life .

How do. U see Nigerian Bloggers in 5 Years: Blogging in Nigeria will be more interesting in a couple of years, I see the blogging industry been scanty because allot of fake bloggers will be chicken out, people come into blogging today because Linda ikeji is into it and seems successful but they don't know that the starting is very demanding,Kea Adams lost a lot of relationship because blogging took that space that a woman should have taken but I am so sure that in a couple of years blogging will send out linda wanna be and leave interesting bloggers then to answer your question, in a couple of years blogging will be a full fletch industry.

thanks for your time

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