Friday, January 15, 2016

My boyfriend is getting married to my younger sister

I am so sad writing this story, I feel like taking my own life, don't have anything to live for. Guys are the most wicked creature God created, they have a heart of stone.

I am a girl of 32 years old, I stay in Benue state, Makurdi to be precise, I am not a graduate, but I have a saloon, and I do well in it.

I have been in a relationship with Mike, for 5 years now, am from Imo state, I grew up in Benue state, that was where I met mike,we were perfect couple, until the tragedy stroke.

My younger sister Queen, was close to Mike too, because he was my boyfriend, I never suspected anything. I never knew they were dating behind my back. He was actually dating us both. Sincerely I didn't know.
One day, that day I heard the shock of my life, a day I will never forget in a hurry, my very own boyfriend came to our house and asked for my sister,s hand in marriage.

I wasn't at home, they planned it together, my older brother called me and asked, are you still dating Mike, I answered yes, he asked me again, are you guys having issues, I said No. He cut the call.

When I got home, I heard the news I couldn't believe my ears, I called Mike and asked him, he said yes is true. I left home that day, since then I refused to back to that house.

Their wedding date has been fixed, on 23rd of January, should I destroy the wedding, or leave them to God.

Please someone should tell me how I will get over this shock, or am I dreaming.

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