Saturday, January 2, 2016

My FaceBook Love.

Hai... Today i wish to share my true love story with you my frnds,n i hope u will like my story,n ur comments to my story will make me to feel happy so please all my story readers dont forget to send your comment because your each and every comments are like precious blessings on my love.... Now i start to share my story,I am not very good at eng so if i did anything wrong then plz forgive me,It was on oct 15th,when i was chating wid my fb frnds,i saw the notification that "Today is .... B'day" (sorrry i can't disclose my boyfriends name)so i sent him b'day wishes actually i don,t know who is he,just as a facebook friend i sent him my wishes,next day on 16th when i was chatting with other friends,He sent me "Hai",infact this was the 1st msg i got from him,i also replied to his messages from this msg our chating started,We both were started to chat with each other as  friends but now we both chatting as lover :) actually in the beginning i don,t have any interest to chat with him but later on his kind nature and innocence made me to chat with me very clously
Continue part of my last story.... On oct 22nd he proposed me but i didnt accept his proposal,but he never stop loving me infact he cut his hand,he met wid an accident he loving me very madly.... After 6mnts i also decided to accept his love,on march 2nd i told him "I love u too" that was my most memorable day... Now our relation is going good but the main problem is my bf's childhood friend loving him but my bf dont have such flng on her,he treating her as her frnd,my boyfriend loved her too much as a friend but she is loving him as a lover,my bf is not ready to leave his frnd n also me... Every day i am flng very disurbance because of my bf's gal frnds n because of this reason we both quarreling wid eachother everyday,i know my lover never cheat me but in some corner of my heart i am flng very fear abt him,n also abt his frnds,i love my lover very much i cant live widout him,i know he also loving me more than himself...but the main stone in our love is my bf's frnds..... Plz help me by ur comments

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