Sunday, January 3, 2016

My Fiance Tell,s His Younger Sister Eveything I Discuss With Him !!!

I am a young lady of 30yrs, i met a guy when i was serving 4yrs ago, he proposed to me but I rejected it and since then he has been calling me to know how a doing which usually end up with me insulting him most times in order to leave me. Recently like 3mnts ago, he called to propose again ...and i accepted. We did introduction and hoping to have our wedding early next year. The problem now is that anything i discuss with him, he calls his younger sis which is married to get advice frm her. I checked through his phone last night and i realised he has told his sister everything i told him about the wedding preparation. ...He told me to get information about the event centres in our town and the cost of each (cos we are not staying in the same state) which i did but he still went ahead to tell his sister about it in which they both concluded on calling somone that resides in my state to confirm the prices i gave him even including the ...registry fee wich i didn't add a dime to the prices. Please how can i sort this issue out cos to me it seems my husband to be doesn't trust me nd if he is doing dis now, what would he do after the wedding.
Please advice me on what to do.
The End.

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