Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My Neigbour Ruined My 5 Years Old Daughters Life !!!!!

Hello everyone I am Mrs okaroh, I stay in abuja, mararaba to be precisely, I am a trader, I sell Provisions in the market.

My husband is a driver he is hardly around, I have only one daughter, her name is Amaka, my little princess, it took me 5 years after marriage to her. I love her so much, cus she is all I have.

I pamper her a lot, she is an intelligent girl, she is the best in her class, she doesn't attend a
good school as such, but am trying my best as the mother. The father is hardly around, it looked like I was the only parent she had. The father comes once in a while.
I had a neighbor who is a teacher in one of the primary schools in mararaba there. He always plays with my daughter, his name is Tunde.
I do keep my daughter with him anytime I want to rush to the market, he helps me look after her. I was so grateful to have a good neighbor.

I noticed no girl comes to look for him, I would ask him Mr Tunde how come you don't have any girlfriend, he will say he dosen,t want their wahala.
Anytime I come back from the market, I would knock and ask my daughter to come home, that am back, she would refuse until at night like 9-10pm she will come back home. I didn't see it as anything, but it continued, she hardly comes home, she hardly eat at home, she was always with Mr Tunde.
I complained to my friend, and she suggested we fix camera inside Mr Tunde,s house, I
declined at first, but later agreed. We paid
someone to sneak into his house and fix it when he wasn't around.
And as usual, my daughter came back from school, removed her dress, went straight to his house, what I saw that day was a shock of my life.
My daughter immediately went into his house and went straight to his Penis, removed it and started sucking it. He was moaning like a real sex, held her head, and was gradually pushing it in and out.
I shouted,came out of my house and knocked on his door. He quickly came out and I held him started screaming, people came out and I told them what has happened.

Now am scared what will happen to my sweet daughter, how will her life be at this tender age she enjoys BJ.

Please I need Candid Advice

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