Thursday, January 28, 2016

My Relationship is in danger!!!!!

I sent a message to you about who to choose between my boyfriend or a lecturer and everyone advised me to stick with my boyfriend that things will get better. Now things has taken a new turn, the lecturer is married to someone else and i'm with my boyfriend. Things has being going well between us.

He got a job in June but they refused to pay them for up to 3 months and I have being funding him till they paid him in September then I got pregnant in September but lost the baby before i even knew I was pregnant but that is not issue. The matter on ground now is that my boyfriend has being cheating on me for long but I didn't know because I trusted him way too much.

He started acting up recently before Xmas & I was worry & had forced him to tell me what I did wrong but told me that i'm not the cause of everything that is happening. That he has been cheating on me with his younger sister's friend & the girl is now pregnant for him and his parent wants her to keep the pregnancy but from what he is saying he doesn't  want her to keep it.
We just got engaged some days before he told me about the pregnancy. Just yesterday we had a fight and he is acting all emotional. Everyone I have asked for advice from told me to stick with him but i'm confused because of his attitude, almost everything is strange. Please,

I need your advice because you were the same people that told me to go for him and i love my boyfriend even though he has cheated on me I have built my world round. I love my boyfriend and I don't want to lose him to someone that didn't know how we started.

Advise Please.


Final Post!

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