Saturday, January 9, 2016

My Sugar Daddy Is My Fiance,s Father! What Should I Do

Hi Everyone My name is Fortune, Am a graduate of Nasarawa State University.

My parents died while i was in my year 1,and since then life has not been easy for me and my siblings. Am the first daughter I have 2 younger ones. Am from Abia state. But my mum is from the northern part of Nigeria.

On a Friday night in abuja I went for clubbing in one of the clubs in Abuja, there I met an elderly man, quite older than me. He collected my number. And from that day he became my sugar daddy, taking care of me and my siblings.

I saw him as God sent. After i graduated he helped me to secure a job. While at work I meet Godwin, a very nice guy, he doesn't work in the same office with me but his friend is my colleague. After meeting Godwin, I felt is time for me to settle down, because I wasn't getting any younger.

Yesterday I got the shock of my life, when Godwin showed me his father on his phone, it was my sugar daddy.

What will I do? Should I tell him the truth or break up the Relationship. Hmmmm


  1. Wow! So surprising. Leave them both o

  2. Ha!!! Gbese re. Its really nt your fault U̶̲̥̅̊ know? You needed help and you got it 4rm a sugar daddy. Tell godwin. Its hard oh buh if he loves U̶̲̥̅̊, he'll stay and pls dnt c his father again.


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