Sunday, January 17, 2016

Nigerian Doctor Proposes to Wife’s Beauty Queen Friend 4 Months after Her Death (Photos)

An Abuja based medical doctor, Dr Bright Echefu has sparked outrage online after he proposed to his late wife’s friend, former Queen Of Aso Nigeria, Florence Esu and she accepted, just four months after his wife’s death.

Dr Bright Echefu is the CEO of Bricke & Athens which owns Africa Health Television, AHTV, a 24-hour all-health channel. 
He had lost his wife, Cindy Nzeribe, in July, 2015, after a brief illness. Cindy
was pregnant with their 3rd child when she died. She was buried in August. See her photos:

Not giving a thought about waiting for a while before finding love again, Dr Echefu went ahead last Saturday and proposed to Cindy’s friend and his employee, former Queen Of Aso Nigeria, Florence Esu, who gladly said yes!

Late Cindy and Her Friend, beauty queen (new fiance)
What was supposed to be their good news has now turned to horror as Nigerians have taken their case to court of public opinion. The couple are currently being slammed on Instagram and Facebook right, left and centre. Hoe could they, though? This is heartbreaking!
In his defense, Dr Echefu said his late wife Cindy will approve of his decision to engage HER FRIEND just FOUR MONTHS after her death. That what he did was in their kids’ best interest. Howwww????


  1. So what? It was probably the death of the wife that brought both of them closer together. So he probably appreciated the consolation and comfort she offered during his mourning. She on the other hand may have admired him but didn't interfere in their marriage because of her friend. Now that she's late, she's gone for him. WHAT IS THE CRIME IN THAT?

  2. Nothing wrong mehn, she's dead he gotta move on, doesn't matter who he moves on with.


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