Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Oluwafemi: A lovely Marital Ties subscriber

Name: Oluwafemi

Relationship Status: Dating

A  relationship is the union of 2 or more parties bound by path or nature.....It can as well b defined as the companionship of opposite sex bound by love (or better still by lust😄)....

Marital Ties can grow in so many ways but for now the only thing I want from you is to help in matching lovers together i.e...after sourcing from a male his kind of girl/female u can as well do the. same to a lady if they match each other you can help them get together as long as dey are not too far from each other....(u should know what i'm talking about).....You can do collection of Age, body type, complexion, height, physique, qualification, sexual desires
and many more like that I believe you are
creative enough to do it better than i've a nut shell just help lovers hook up for their various reasons

Thanks: Oluwafemi

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