Friday, January 1, 2016

Please Help! I Am Pregnant for My Husband’s Brother

Another reader has sent in her marital predicament, narrating an illicit affair with the younger brother of her husband which has led a pregnancy web which she can’t get out of.


Dear Sir,
Thanks a bunch for this great opportunity to share my story. Aside this romance section, I must confess the quality of articles on this site leaves one yearning for more.
My name is Jamilat from Sokoto state. I am a married woman in my late 30’s. This story is more of a public confession of the grave sins I have committed against my lovely husband who has given me his all in the past 4 years of our marriage.
My husband is an amazing and selfless man who works for a construction company. He is so nice to a fault and very faithful. You can trust him with a naked beauty queen and he wouldn’t move an inch. There is nothing I so desire that he wouldn’t provide for me. He bought me an exotic Nissan SUV on my last birthday with a surprise birthday party that became the talk of the town. Despite his good sides, the saddening side of the story is that he is more or less impotent which accounts for my barreness.
He has issues with his erection as well as a low sperm count. He has sought medical attention on the issue and the problem has refused to go away. On that other end, I am a woman that loves to have s*x at least virtually every week which I believe is normal. Getting my husband up for s*x is almost as cumbersome as making marriage ceremony plans. You will ma*sage him, suck him and the end of the day ‘IT’ could fall after staying awake for just 5 minutes. I have endured this faithfully as a wife for years with the hope that things will get better.
I once acquired s*x toys but they only aggravated my problems. He later brought his younger brother named Ka*sim home who just finished his National Youth Service Corps programme and was having difficulties securing a good job. Ka*sim is a very tall, slim, light-skinned and handsome young man in his mid-tweenties. I never liked him at first but seeing him on boxers washing my husband’s car got me fantasizing about what he has between his legs. His physique is daring. I fought off the temptation for months until I finally fell for him.
I was scared to approach him. I intelligently lured him into taking alcohol with me while my husband was in Ogun state for a road construction project which he obliged to. In no time he was drunk. I wore a very revealing outfit he couldn’t say no to. My gown was so short and without my panties. I stirred up the beast in him with a sensual dance. Lo and behold, he was different from his brother. The strength of his erection could piece a brick wall if I am not exaggerating. I started feeling nature cheated my husband s*xually to favour him.
That day was like my judgement day. It was as if he was expecting me to make a move long before I did. We had s*x all over the corners of the house. He was walking around stark nude. I cried severally out of serious ectasy under him. He is really endowed down below. In a developed country, Ka*sim would make a big name for himself doing porn as he follows the pleasure act like its a paid job. I shared my ordeal with him after the s*x. He felt my pains and the s*x continued.
He is the best I have ever had in bed. My high B.P which the doctors complained vehemently about in the past has dropped due to the happiness I generate from having him on top of me. He is just too adventurous on bed and a talented story teller that will make you addicted to his company. I have been seeing him for 5 months now. My joy has turned sour as I have taken in for him. Efforts to abort the pregnancy has failed as doctors have warned me about the fragility of my womb as it could attract serious complications that may lead to permanent barreness. What a beautiful testimony my husband and I have always longed for but coming through a wrong channel.
I can’t force the child on my husband as we haven’t had s*x in months. He will surely know the baby is not his. Ka*sim has a serious relationship and he is prepared to commit suicide if our secret affair leaks out due to the shame of facing family members and his only brother who put him through school. I feel ashamed of myself and at the same time you can’t blame me. Staying celibate when you are married is suicidal. Its like fasting regularly when you are a continental Chef.
Please advise me. My world is coming to an end.

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