Sunday, January 17, 2016

Raped By My Boyfriend, I’m I To Blame???

I’m a young lady of 23 engaged to a guy of 28. My fiance is dark,tall and handsome which kind of puts me off sometimes cause I notice most ladies give him a second look. However he is a loving and caring man and is always there for me in every area of my life. My fiance and I agreed on some things we should be doing. Like “no 
s3x outside marriage” is among them because we are both Christians.
We were invited to a night function from his work place. I don’t know what came over me that night for the first time in almost a year now. I had a few glasses of wine while he looked on, having his soft drink. I expected him to say something but he just kept quite. 
Then later on through the night he opened a bottle of Heineken and started to drink, by then I was taking water.
Wanted us to go home and rest. We then agreed to go home and sleep, got into the car but to my surprise on our way home he started forcing me to drink again but I refused and asked me if it would be wrong for me to be tipsy in his presence but acted all offended but I knew it was just an effort for him to get me drunk so he could have his way with me but I bluntly refused to take anything.
Later on we got home, changed our clothes I was the first one to get into bed and dozed off only to be awakened by him kissing and touching me i told him to stop… Before i could realise it, he spread my legs apart and forced himself inside me. I felt so defeated and powerless then started to cry. I felt  so bad that a person who loves me can do such to me.

He disregarded my NO just to satisfy his sexual appetite. The next morning, I told him how disappointed I was with him, he apologised. I asked him why he did it?. His answer was that, he finds me attractive and couldn’t help it.

I ask myself was it all my fault and to those who are married does it mean that a husband can sleep with you whenever he feels like even if you don’t?. I’m confused please advise, mature advice will be highly appreciated.


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  1. well, I'm not saying what he did is good and I don't blame him for doing it either...fro. your story, you guys have been dating for a long time now and it's not easy for guys to resist their urge of wanting to have sex. come to think of it, didnt he say you are attractive???? my dear I don't think starving your man of sex is a good idea...he might be keeping other relationships to satisfy his urge.


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