Tuesday, January 5, 2016

SeeNee : A Lovely Marital Ties Subscriber

My name is  Bokolo Sinivie, am from Bayelsa State, am in a sweet relationship, my boo,s name is Njoku Nonso Youngpsalm. I stay in Abuja, a corper to be precise.

What is a Relationship?

Relationship to me has to do with trust, communication and love, it's a wonderful friendship when these three things are wrapped in one.

How do you think Marital Ties will grow?

 Prices should be given to winners of any contest no matter how small to motivate them and enable them invite their friends and families  to vote for them cause  a price is attached.

2) Games and Riddles should be added at least once a day. This will enlighten subscribers  and also make them laugh when moody.

Thanks : SeeNee

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