Friday, January 15, 2016

She goes out with "Aristoes"

This is about my girlfriend, I'm very sure she loves me, she is a corper (NYSC), while I'm an undergraduate. Although, we entered different institution at the same year, due to my course and being in a technical University, she had to graduate before me.

The issue is that she goes out with other men (just for money). I've accused her before when she was in 300L, and she told me it is because she knows I'm a student, she doesn't want to be asking me for money. When she graduated last year I confronted her again, that your parents are financially buoyant than mine, yet I'm coping, I asked her what if she is a guy how will she be meeting her needs, that she need to cut her expenses. She told me that she has put a stop to it,...

...that there is no reason for her to do such since she's now a graduate. When she came back from camp, I realised that she is still going out with different men. My fear is that, if we get married won't she be used to this way of life? Once she's broke a little, her resort is "aristoes" (other men for money).

What can I do to help/stop her, cos I believe even if I start working now, and I establish her, there may be times when things may go down financially, won't she go back to other men?

Advise Please.


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