Friday, January 1, 2016

“She is Engaged To One Man and Pregnant For Another! Please Help

I am desperate and need honest advise from Matured people. I met this wonderful
32yr Old French guy in a party in PH, we exchanged contacts and we started dating almost immediately.
I like him but I don’t love him, but he loves me and can gladly die for me.
Sometimes I feel sorry for him when he begs me not to leave him. he left Nigeria 6months later and has been gone for 2yrs and all these time we talk, Skype and bbm round the clock so it felt like he is still here.
He even shares his salary with me monthly.
He proposed to me last year, I accepted he sent down a ring which I have never worn because I know my heart still yarns for a man that I will be crazy over.
A man that I can die for. so I met this young politician that I have known all my life but never talked to. he asked me out, I accepted and we started dating, he was nothing like my fiancée, he didn’t care how I feel, hardly calls, always busy. so disrespectful, I guess the heart is foolish because I felt for this politician in 1wk what I couldn’t feel for my fiancée in 3yrs.
I was happy, I was in love, I had everything I wanted. I couldn’t tell my fiancée because I was afraid he would have a heart attack to I just kept in there hoping that when my new girl proposes I will eventually let my French guy go either by changing my contact or somehow. but I realised this month that I am pregnant. I told my bf but the next morning he uploaded a pics of he and his gf. I almost died.
I pinged him to ask what’s up and he boldly told me it’s his gf. I have never been so heartbroken, what do I do with the pregnancy, what will I tell the French guy, where do I go from here.
I just got admission for my Msc in September in Uk. my fiancée will certainly meet me up before 1 week of my arrival. please people help me.

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