Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tamara : A lovely Marital Ties Subscriber

Name: Tamara Lugbein.                        

Status: In a Relationship.                      

Location: Lagos.                                    

State: Bayelsa.

What is your prospective about relationship:

Relationship should be build on trust by both parties because trust goes a long way in sustaining a relationship.                  

 What do you think should improve our channel. Marital ties: -

Marital ties channel is a welcome development because it gives an avenue for people 2 discuss on relationships, marital issues $ happening in the social terrain.

Advice for Marital ties channel:

Is to keep on making several discoveries about relationships, marital issues, social circle also in
 western countries and keep on advising  people on how to sustain relationships.

Thanks: Tamara

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