Friday, January 29, 2016

This guy buried his girlfriend alive just because of money!!!!

This is the guy that buried her alive, what is his faith now. All because of money, where is the money, is she enjoying it now. God will judge you.

I came across this picture and thought I should share it. I don't know this girl or seen her before, what is life all about, why do people go for riches, when life is sweeter when you grow gradually, you can always look back when you where struggling and thank God for everything.

Look at a beautiful, full of dreams, look. At her fresh and nice skin, still a man has a heart to that to her all because of money. I always tell girls " All that glitters are not Gold " is always better to be with a guy that has nothing and yet he adores you like a princess or queen.

Am sure this guy spends a lot of money on her or lavishes money on her just to get and she may feel life is all about money. We all should be careful the world now is wicked.

Please comment on this issues let's hear your view. And I pray it touches someone out there.


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