Friday, January 22, 2016

We met for the first time in a guest house

I met a guy on Facebook in year 2012 (Have not met him personally and I was based in Enugu). I came back to Lagos 2014 and have still not met this guy until today when we finally met**but before now we have been so close on social media,we talk on phone and video call,he talked to me about relationships and he understands the fact that I have a bf...

...Fortunately we met today for the first time at a guest house, bought me food and drinks after I finished eating he wanted us to have s3x but I refused and all of a sudden he forced me to kiss him and I got angry and also felt  unsecured. I didn't leave immediately,but when I wanted to leave I told him and he didn't reply me all cos I refused to let him touch.... so i left d room and closed d door behind me. Pls do I owe him any apology??? Or should i ignore him and stop talking to him???
Please I need advice.
The End.


  1. Stupid question. You are lucky he ddnt rape you. Why go into the room of a guesthouse wf a guy without the notion of sex. Bera desist from such careless behaviour for your own good. 7ef7afb8

  2. You owe him nothing forget about him..

  3. The guy fucked up bigtime. A real Gee dont treat a female frnd like that.bae becareful ok.


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