Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Why Most Men Cheat On Their Spouse

According to research, it has been revealed that men have more chances of cheating than women, that is, men are more prompt to cheating than women.

The urge and desire of wanting another woman is more than the ability to resist for men. As a matter of fact there is a higher percentage of resistance in women than men, that is why it is hard for most men to turn women down (I am not saying it’s impossible to turn a woman down).
It is more difficult for a man to resist temptation because the percentage of resistance a woman possesses is equally as much as her ability to tempt a man and this leaves many men falling prey because his ability to resist cannot match her ability to tempt

Cheating has really taken over a lot of men, emotionally and mentally. Nowadays men have voracious appetite and this has psychologically affected and led a lot of men into infidelity. Men who don’t cheat battle with themselves psychologically almost every day not to be influenced and this becomes harder as the more they try the more temptations they come across.
Cheating for men can be as a result of bad experience such as heartbreak, family background, selfishness, lack of communication, lack of trust in relationship or marriage, lack of s*x, lack of s*xual connection, lack of romance, negative influence from friends and more.
So its important for us to understand how a man`s mind works in our society and sisters should please try and help these brothers who may be facing these challenges in making sure that your relationship or marriage with them isn’t lacking anything whatsoever.

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