Friday, January 15, 2016

Women Were Asked To Describe The ‘Perfect P#n!s’ And This Is What They Said

The perfect p#n!s… We can all pretend like we’re not curious about what exactly the ‘perfect p#n!s’ looks like, but we are. That’s why you’re here.
Scientists at the University of Zurich decided to do some research about the ‘perfect p#n!s’ and thought, who better to ask than the people who at some point in their lives are very likely to have to, erm… deal with a penis. Women.
So after asking women a bunch of questions about what they like and don’t like about p#n!ses, they came to the following conclusions…
‘General cosmetic appearance’ is important. What that means? Well, it means they want it to look neat and tidy.
Apparently they like pubic hair neatly arranged and not gone altogether. And the less foreskin, the better. And for those of you out there who think it is all about length, it’s not. In fact, women rate length as the sixth most important thing about a p#n!s and in actual fact, are more interested in girth.
The look of your balls isn’t very important at all.

But your balls aren’t the least important thing, no. In fact, women think the least important thing about your nether-region is in fact the ‘position and shape of meatus’. For those that don’t know, or are understandably too frightened to type it in to Google, that’s the little hole in which everything, erm… comes out.

The paper was published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine and is based on the responses of 105 women aged 16-45. The reason they started the research in the first place was to discover if men who had had certain surgeries downstairs felt their p#n!ses had become ‘abnormal’.
couple lying in bed, man looking under the blanket while woman is looking amused

Despite the findings, researchers still concluded that male patients who require surgery down there should be told everything is fine to ‘prevent the development of shame’.
They also said there is no ‘single penile aspect that is essential’ for the penis to be considered attractive. To be honest, no amount of research or findings will make ap#n!s attractive.
But if there is anything in here which means you can gloat to god only knows who about your wang, good on you. We guess…

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