Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Would You Forgive Your Husband Who Got Your Maid Pregnant?

Angela had worked for our family for two years. She’s hard working and fond of kids. I treated her like a younger sister. Recently, I discovered she was pregnant, and guess who she said was responsible? My loving husband, Deji. When I confronted my husband, he didn’t deny it. I never suspected Deji had been having sexual relations with the maid. I probably should have been more vigilant. Do I even
have to blame the girl? What about my husband who could not keep his hands off her? If he had gotten another woman pregnant apart from my maid, it would have been bearable. But how could he stoop so low as to do it with our maid? Right under my nose? Hhmmm…. Now, he’s asking me to forgive his infidelity, claiming that it was the devil’s handiwork. I’m so confused even though I feel so betrayed and tempted to leave the marriage. What would you do if you were in my shoes?

Please advice her 

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  1. Humanly speaking its a difficult situation.... But if u love God you will do his will which is we should always forgive and forget..... My dear don't change ur heart cos of his mistake, remain steadfast its safer for everyone


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