Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A bad seed tore us apart

My name is Will, my married girlfriend and I are still so madly in love. Our relationship started off very well with its own ups and down which of course is inevitable until a friend of mine who is military came into the picture and planted a bad seed that tore us apart. To cut the long story short, I couldn't continue with the relationship after asking my...

girlfriend about what I heard and not getting any reasonable explanation but at the same time, was still so much I love with her that I couldn't just break up. It was a love and pain relationship for me because I really wanted to spend the rest of my life with her but couldn't stand the fact that I know little or nothing about her. She constantly portrayed actions...

..that made me believe what my military friend
who doesn't even know my girlfriend personally said was true. A month after she got engaged, she called me and asked if she was among the list of girls I will choose from when am ready to get married and I said no because I felt she's been hiding so many things from me. A week after her engagement, she told... that she was engaged and I broke down in tears right in front of her. What we shared was
still burning deep inside of me. Now, 2weeks to her marriage, the truth about the story that came to me was revealed. It happened that her close friend who is friends with my military friend had spoilt her to my military friend. Saying all sort of nasty things....

...just to claim self righteousness. Now the love we had is back in quantum. She is now married and still doesn't want me to leave. I want her
back so badly too but our both worlds are been locked down. She calls me from her honeymoon telling me how she is not happy and wants to be with me and I also feel the same way too.
Please advice me on what to do before I take my own life.

The End.

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