Saturday, February 13, 2016

A night with my husband & his friend.

Hi my name is sophia. I am writing a true incident that happened to me. For this incident to happen all the credit goes to my loving husband. We have a common friend and we used to have parties with him in our house. We are very friendly with him and spend time together whenever it is possible. I got a strange feeling that the way he looks at me and the way he talks with me is other than friendship. He used to call me after my husband goes to office. So I told the same to my husband and he told me to take advantage of this situation. 

In the beginning I hesitated a little bit. Our friend is a 6 ft handsome guy and any girl would definitely love to have s*x with him. My husband convinced me saying that it’s enjoyable and thrilling to have s*x with such a handsome guy and the other thing is that he is a good person and our relationship would remain a secret. So one day my husband called him for a party at our house. He was cooking in the kitchen for our party and told both of us to go to the balcony and smoke so that we will get some together. So we both went to the balcony and I switched off the lights so that our neighbors may not see us. We already had 3 pegs of vodka and cigarette with it made me on. We both were smoking and then he suddenly took me towards him with my back touching his front. He kept one of his hands on my stomach and with other hand turned my face towards him and gave a smooth nice kiss on my lips. I was very thrilled and it made me hot. I kissed him back and we both had a nice smooching kiss for sometime. Later he put his hand inside my bra and grabbed my left boob and started squeezing it. I was in my nighty and he slowly lifted my nighty and tried to put his finger in my panty. But I was a little bit worried as its happening very fast. So I just stopped him by catching his hand. He thought I allowed him to do all this as I was drunk and told me not to tell anything to my husband. But I was in my full senses and enjoyed every bit of it. We came back and continued with our party. I told what all happened between us to my husband and he was also very excited and told me to go further. The next day our friend called me to ask how I felt the other day. I said I enjoyed every bit of it but was also little bit frightened and this gave him the confidence to proceed further. One day I called and told him that I was alone in the house. Meanwhile I took the camcorder and placed in secretly according to my husband’s idea as he wanted to watch our video later. I was very wet with the thought that he is coming and we are going to have sex together. My friend came in 10 min as he stays very close to my house. Closing the door we went into our bed room. As soon as we entered he hugged me tight and planted a kiss on my lips. He touch made me feel as if in heaven and I didn’t even get a slight feeling that it was the first time I hugged him. He removed my nighty slowly and then my bra. I was not wearing any panty. I was standing nude before him. He removed his T shirt and I helped him in removing his pant. He is a very nice build man with fair soft skin and red long d*ck. We both hugged and slowly went to the bed. The smoothness of his skin to my hands was wonderful.

We lay on the bed hugging each other tight and then he slowly got up and came on me and held one of my boobs with his hand and started squeezing very hard and kept another hand on my p*ssy. He started biting my hard nipples slowly and started licking them. I caught hold of his head in pleasure and demanded for more. He slowly put his finger into my hole and finger f*cked me. Because of his size even his fingers are long and thick and so his finger reached every corner of my hole touching the walls and I had a nice finger f*ck. Then I made him lie on his back and started giving blow job. I licked his rod like an ice cream. The pink colour of his cock head just reminded me of straw berry ice cream. I took his rod fully into my mouth and started sucking caressing his balls with my hand. He loves when I lick his balls. He lay in doggy position so that I could lick the balls from behind. Big buttocks, balls hanging between them and the anus hole were worth watching. I slowly licked the balls and after some time licked the anus hole. I was surprised to hear the moans coming from him when I was doing this and this encouraged me a lot. I kept on licking the hole holding his buttocks. He asked me to play some porn videos so that we might get even hotter and enjoy. He turned his back to me and laid on the bed.His fair smooth skin with nice big buttocks were nice to look at. I just lay on top of him and started rubbing my boobs on his back and buttocks and kissed and even bit them slowly. I can never forget that touch on his smooth back. Then he made me lie on the bed on my back and came over me kissing my neck, body and I was just moaning. I kept my hand on my clit and played while he was doing this to me and the thought that I am enjoying with this handsome guy took me to another world. I had an orgasm and I just held him tight on my body and wow it was great. He asked me to lie in doggy position so that he could take me from back. He inserted his d*ck with force and it touched the walls. He held my boobs from behind and moved his d*ck in and out and I was literally shouting with pleasure. This continued for sometime and finally he shot his load inside me. After he took his d*ck I removed the condom and started giving hand job. He literally danced with pleasure and said the feeling was wonderful. Even my hubby says the same. (Girls try this once to your partners) I didn’t know what all I shouted but later after watching the video with my husband I came to know that I was asking him to f*ck me harder, calling his name, saying I LOVE U and moaning. My husband really enjoyed the video and it always turns us when we watch it any time. Give me your comments so that I can post other sessions with him.

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  1. Hmmmn! Contrary to what others might think.... i see it as digging a pit now for a (probably) fall in the future. What gives u the impression that its not a set up between the men as well and it f videos become a tool for black mail..... i wld want u to have a re-think...... dont forget the heart of man is desperately wicked n selfish... who can know it?


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