Monday, February 22, 2016

How A Sanitary Pad Ruined My Life

Hello Admin, I am so happy to share my problem here, cus as am writing this story I don't know who to run to or what to right now.
 My name is Mrs Tayo, am from Osun State, am a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University.

It all started when I was in secondary school, all through my Jss 1 - Jss 3, I was a day student, in my SS1, my parents decided I should join  boarding school, that it will help me prepare for my WAEC.

I finally entered boarding, it was fun though, you mingle with other students in your rooms, in my room, I noticed this particular girl, that is very generous with "Sanitary Pad"

I am a very reserved girl, I hate borrowing,not even a sanitary pad, but one day I was in the room, I saw my period, checked my locker, I noticed my pad had finished. I had no option than to borrow from her, but she said I shouldn't worry. That was the day my problem started. We all left school, and everyone went theirs different ways.

Now am married for 5 years,no child, I visited a pastor and he told me that I once borrowed sanitary pad from a girl in secondary school days. I had to think for a while, before I remembered.

He said she is in a group, that all the girls that she gave Pad won't ever have a child. That the
blood is invoked in their spirit world.

What will I do. Am I not finished, where can I find this girl.

Please I need help.

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