Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Age Difference My Major Concern......

I'm 30, and I met this girl in Lagos sometime last year. I liked her and after a while I asked her out before she returned to her state of residence somewhere in the north. I'm someone who likes to date with an intention to settling down with the person I'm dating. She accepted my request after a month and this is my second relationship.

She started hiding her age as soon as she knew mine. All along, I assumed she would be 21, AT LEAST, until she eventually told me she's 18. She doesn't look it at all! She looks so matured and relates maturely. She said she was hiding her age because of the fear that she would loose me as soon as I find out. I love her and I know she loves me so much.

Now this is the challenge: She's still trying to get admission into the university and wishes that I wait for her till she finishes school, though she doesn't mind bending her rules to marry me in two years time. On the other hand, two years is fine for me and I don't see myself waiting for, say, 4years before I get married. My parents and relatives are really expectant...
...of me now as the first child in the family because my immediate younger one is set and ready. Another thing that brothers me once in a while is the age gap.
Pls I would like to have ur sincere opinion on this.


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