Friday, February 5, 2016

Always Meet With People Older Than I Am

Hi Marital Ties subs,

I graduated in 2011, immediately after my Nysc in 2012, I secure a every good Job But during my undergraduate days..I was in a serious relationship with a young girl in her 200L while I was in 400L back then..we both agree 2 marry ourselves immediately after our first degree. .

But as a Christian brother & sister we both prayed about it,  And God said we should not marry ourselves, I also confirm it from 4 different spiritual we both ended the relationship ...but we are still friends till now,
But ever since then ..Every other ladies that comes my way  are always older than I do, despite they look so young is either they use 1-2 year to senior me in least I had met more than 5 ladies between  2011 -2016 ..I'm 27 in age
---my question is that; Is it ok for young man to marry someone older than him ..because  I'm confused.

Please I need advice .

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