Saturday, February 6, 2016

Am Inlove With Another Man

Am married  with one beautiful  daughter, Recently I had a misunderstanding with my hubby, which took us one month before we settled and started talking to each other.
During the period we where keeping Malice, i fell in love  with another man I haven't seen before, he stays in New York and he always call me everyday and I know is also in love with me.

Recently  I told him I already  had a daughter but I didn't tell him am married.
And keeps on talking to me and say he won't say he doesn't  love me because  I had a daughter  already.
Just yesterday  me and my hubby cleared our misunderstanding,but am having guilty conscience.
Please  tell me what to do, because  am already  in love  with him and not my husband anymore.

Please what should I do?

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