Thursday, February 18, 2016

Am Inlove with Ex-boyfriend,s Friend..

I am a muslim lady of 23years in love with my ex-boyfriend's friend. we've been friends  for over 8yrs and I met my ex through him and we have secretly had feelings for each other but couldn't tell each other. He is also a Christian. fast forward down to 2015 I met a guy who truly loves and cares a lot about me and I also love him.

He is a Muslim. Although we are in a long distance relationship(he is in the UK and am in nigeria) but we still talk and chat on a daily basis. 2 months ago my ex-boyfriend friend and I grew so close that we were always together 24/7  then the feelings became so deep that we kissed and sex with each other.
 Now I don't love my boyfriend as I used to, every little thing he does annoys me. We argue everyday but the question is should I leave my boyfriend for my ex-boyfriend's friend because he also loves and cares a lot about me or should I stick to my boyfriend and forget about him having in mind that my parents would never accept me to marry a Christian??

Pls I need your sincere and honest advise.

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