Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Being used and thinking is love.

Have been in a relationship for two years now, my boyfriend  and I have got up and down all along but we still stayed together.. late last year after my birthday, my boyfriend didn't call for like almost a week. but before then I was frustrated & i decide to delete d pictures we had to together...

I sent him horrible messages pending when he will see it, called his friends still yet.. finally I got the shock of my life=O  he travelled out of the country & sent messages to me after he had spent a week over there.. I insulted him & he pleaded, cried that I've got to understand that he needs to make a living with his white wife that I should bear with him & all.. it took time before I could cool off.. now he says he doesn't love her & his using her pictures on every social media.. he sent money to me that I get a new phone & a laptop... am so confused. should I let him go or just pretend... I really do love him

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