Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Can I marry my sister,s Ex!!!!!!

My sister was dating a guy for 2wks before the guy left for US for his masters but my sis is happily married to another person with a son. The guy that went to US called my sister . There has never been anything between them that he will like to be my fiancé & my sister agreed & she linked the guy up with me without telling me that they once had feelings for each other

but she said that the guy is okay &decent.
I started dating this guy &we have planned for introduction in Sept after his masters.He called me 2days ago telling me that he had once asked my sister out but they didn't get on well before he traveled& since my sister is married he decided to marry me after all there was nothing between him& my sister,
Please what can I do? Can I go on with the relationship  or quit. He loves me& has introduced me to his people

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