Wednesday, February 3, 2016


I met this guy October 2014. My girl friend said, he wants something serious for settle. We started chatting and quickly went down the road together in less than a month. He was appealing to me, and he found me same. When we started, he said, I just want us to be friends and get to know each other.
We got closer and gisted more but, he has the ideology of GIRLs that assumes every girl is looking for a guy to label husband and he just talks problematic of girls and I didn't like it. He sometimes suspects any personal questions I ask, like, how many are you in your family and can I have some of your pictures?

In fact, he ones questioned the need for me to have his pictures, just in case i start going to ministries like some other girls do. He believes girls are always in a relationship, of course I was not dating anyone, but he didn't believe me.
We had sex two different times and I got tired of whom i have learned this guy to be.

He has not called me anything but a very good friend, only. Suddenly we lost touch for almost a year, then he called again 2015.
He started probing me to visit his residential place since we were not in the same state. I pushed him so hard and he visited my school as well as my hometown.

He has been complaining of me being too argumentative each time he asks me to visit and making excuses. Then, towards year ending for 2015, he started asking of my family background and home town, I am suspecting he wants to propose.

But I have this lil hunch, is he exhibiting a normal behaviour, he has never called me girlfriend. He is so formal and official about everything. He is very careful and fixed. He is perfectionist but I like him. Just sceptical about his behaviours.
Are they normal, any advice before I give up/in.

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