Monday, February 29, 2016

Confused Virgin!!!!!!!!!!

I'm a young lady of 23years a graduate, I finished school last year and serving soon. My problem is I am a vìrgin not that am naive or anything as a matter of fact I sabi well as in I am not the innocent type of virgìn they portray in movies. I have a boyfriend, we've been together for 5years he's a great and loving guy though...

...different tribe and religion he understands me so well but he can be temperamental although he never hits me but whenever he gets angry I get so scared cos he makes it look like he can hurt me and sometimes i feel he is obsessed with me. We do other things like head ,sm0och, fore play in general  but no s3x .I am a  very pretty lady and I love life I party alot, I've crazy friends and I meet different guys but I never allowed any one touch me and that's why I lose so many opportunities(great offers for that matter). I've searched for a PT job cos I don't like being idle but all still leads back to s3x and my dear BF isn't taking finding job serious but 5 years is a long time to leave this guy have known my whole life. Now I met this guy; very good and hardworking, my tribe and he is calm with me. I told this new guy my sexual status and he didn't have a problem with it. He spends alot for me, when I ask and when I don't; he knows what I need when I...

...need it, he's so generous and he doesnt  ask for s3x or anything. At first I was into it but later I started getting scared if he wasn't using me (jazz) but he is clean. He has a good job, mind you my Bf isn't working although he is older than me with more than 5 years but this new guy is married with a KID though young as....
...well but after 4 months now he is stylishly talking about s3x also though he says he will understand any answer I give him. Please help I still need this guy in my life and am beginning to like him.
Please I need your advice.
The End.

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