Thursday, February 4, 2016

Could He Be Cheating On Me?

I got married last year and my baby is 8months now, my husband brought a fight from work on Monday night on d 18th January, I don't mind him after some minutes he got a call and he told me his going back to work, this have never happen b4, he left and came back tuesday evening, what happened now is, on the first of February

Monday,   I was expecting him to come back from work, he called to tell me he will be late b4 he will comes back, I believe him, hoping he will be back soon, I later checked time I saw that the  time has gone, I called him, he told me he is not coming home that night, I was shock that this is happening twice now, so when he came back I asked him where he has been, why didn't he come home,
he didn't respond to all my questions, thou i notice through his dial contact that he is cheating on me, I don't ask him not to cheat but not sleeping outside, since then I felt betrayed and am not free to him, it seems I hate him, I don't no what to do,

Please  advice

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