Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Could He God,s Sent.... But He Is Married.

Hey admin kudos to you. You're doing a great job. Here is my story... I'm in my late 20s serving Corper, soon to pass out. I've been in and out of different  relationship that didn't work out don't wanna go into details right now. My Dilemma is i'm dating two guys one is
married (don't insult me o), but caring in all

Seems to me like he was sent to pay me back all the good i've done to guys before because  I haven't really tasted the good part of love in my previous relationships. He wants to marry me, he's a muslim and I like him too, cos he's every woman's dream man but the fact is that he's married & a muslim makes me not interested in the marriage but I like him a lot. The other guy is not in Nigeria, he's ok.

(earns more than the married one).
He's not married and he wants to marry but the thing is he always wants things done his own way. He claims he's older than me and he knows best. In some way he's arrogant. Mind you he can be sweet and loving too. He wants to come and meet my parents soon. I know I can do better than been a second wife‎ but I must confess the feelin and affection I have for the married one is greater than the one I have for the single one and I have to pick one.

Please, don't advice me to drop them both. I need you guys to put me through I heard it's good to marry someone that loves you more than you love them. That with time the love would grow don't know how true that is.

Advice please, Not insult.


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