Monday, February 8, 2016

Do I tell him the real reason I want a break-up..

Hi lovely Marital Ties subs,

I am a 23 year old lady in a relationship with a young man, he's going through a rough patch right now financially being that he lost his job and he's seriously searching for one. I met him in this condition but I got attracted to him all the same due to some other attributes I saw in him. I was willing to wait and build a life with him from the scratch.

I love this guy so much, he's the best guy i have ever dated and even till tomorrow, I will still love him. He loves me too even more than I love him. We've been through different prayer and fasting sessions together for his sake all to no avail. Recently i started having dreams that portrayed disappointment from him which really scared and surprised me.

I didn't tell my pastor about this though, but she (my pastor) called me one day and told me that God is showing her a guy beside me professing his love for me, that I should be careful cos it's not going to end well. That cleared all the doubts i was having about the dreams. There was this particular dream where I was wearing a wedding dress I didn't like.
It was supposedly my wedding day and I was so disorganised, only for me to get to the church and he was with another bride, that dream gave me the chills. So, the question isn't if I should leave him cos I definitely will. The question is do I tell him these dreams and revelations which is the truth or I should just end it with...

...him with no sordid explanation?.

I think he deserves to know, I can't just hurt him like that. Please I need mature answers.

Advise Please.


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