Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Ekaette: My Sweet Oga (18+)

When i finish, e put am back inside, he carry him hand take hold my head, come dey fu*k my mouth o….saliva dey all my mouth, come dey pour reach my chest, my eye dey red ehn. E be like say him dey punish for something wey i do.
See me… see wahala… dem no born Sule well,
make e try this kin thing but na Oga, him pen*s na wetin i want. when him fu*k my mouth
finish, him come push me for bed, push my leg, hold the thing, my heart just dey jolly, dey jolly. Oga start to dey put the pri*k inside, my body start to dey warm. The way way him hold my head when him dey f*ck my mouth dey cause kata kata for my toto. I don ready for am since when I wake up say madam dey travel.

As Oga put am, wey everything enter, e be like say make i shout, e sweet me so tey i start to dey
 cry, oga no even look my face, him rest with one
hand for one side, him grab my booby with the second one, come dey begin dey sama my toto like say tomorrow no dey. Jisox!!!!!
Na small e remain I for shout Osanobua, as oga prick start to dey do miracle for my toto, Oga use him pri*k take dey remove the dirty, yama yama or whether na dirty, say make my gutter clear. I follow put hand for Oga yansh, dey drag am enter my body sef.
As I forget wetin dey happen, na him i hear my
madam voice for parlour dey shout, Ekaette!!! Ekaette!!!!!
Whether na to answer or na to keep quiet like efiggy, I no no. Oga just ignore him wife voice, continue to dey hammer my tot* like say him no hear, na him I take slap wake am up..
My life don finish o

Source: Deola Bubble

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