Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Everyone Is Asking Me To Get Married By Force...

Hello Lovely subs,

Since 3 years I have not had peace in my life. Everyone including my parents and siblings are insisting I bring home a man. It's even worse now because they give me this attitude like I'm a stranger who did something extremely bad.

If I ask any of my brothers for one assistance or the other they will say things like '...I'm not your husband'. They would insult me first then anything else follows.

I am 26 and a graduate in computer engineering., Marriage is not on my mind now because i am now working on my PhD but nobody understands and they don't even care to understand. Most men who come my way, I don't have any feeling or desire for them how then would I make one my husband? 

My work is tedious and time consuming especially now with the challenges the Nigerian economy is facing so all hands on deck. Yet my parents are saying 'Get married!'.

Please dear subs,  what do you think I can do? My close assistant is saying I should ignore everyone and continue my life the way I want it and some are saying I should just take any man to satisfy society.

I need your ideas please.

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