Saturday, February 20, 2016

Got the shocker of my life on Val,s day

I have been a relationship for 7yrs with the lady that I love beyond measures. I do anything possible within my reach to satisfy n make her happy. She has also been wonderful and almost perfect (nobody is). We started dating from University days and were the pride and envy of many even after school.

After my service, I started looking for job but as things get murky in d labour market, I started a little ICT troubleshooting hustle, just to keep body and soul together before the job comes. Now this lady has been supportive all the way. After her service she moved to where i'm based, we managed what we have.

She got a job while I was still doing what I do, I could provide for the daily running around like food, clothing, small bills, etc. I could pay my rent sometimes but atimes my siblings support me. When business haven't been good. Now this my lady resigned from where she was working because her female boss wasn't treating them well.

Through one of my friends I secured a better paying and welfare job in a construction firm for her. We have been doing fine all this while but when I proposed to her she said we should wait till I get a better paying job. I make an average of 35-40k at the end of month but because I spend on what we need in the house I usually don't have it in bulk at the end of the month.

She earns around 80k plus a car. Her new boss gives car loan to all his staff down to the secretary. She is an engineer there. She has been having this fear of "lack" bcus of what she faced as a child. So whenever the issue of marriage comes up she says I should wait till I get a job and when ever her friends or mine wed she cries and complain that I don't want to marry her.

I have promised her that we can make it with our present earnings and with time I will get that job. I know I live far better than some married men in terms of finances. This year I made up my mind to ask her for hand in marriage on val's day, but last week she gave me the shocker of my life, by telling me she had moved on because of my employment status.

I have begged like I have never begged anyone before, telling her that i'm very sure the job will come before the babies start coming. She told me she has found someone else and that she has made up her mind. She still loves me, but the job issue Is her phobia. Don't get me wrong, she is very decent and has been faithful all our years together.

Right now my heart is torn to shreds, I don't sleep at night, I cry every night, I cant eat well, I have lost weight. I'm beginning to scare myself with the kind of suicidal thoughts I have these days. I have built my whole adult life around her, I try to let go but can't. Please, guys advice me before I do something drastic. I need all the advice I can get.

I'm on job sites 24/7 now just to get something and probably win her back. She is not after riches just the basics. And for those that will lash me, I need it too, it might cheer me a bit. Please, help a brother.


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