Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine To My Love: Sini

Gold nor silver, I have none to give, but just my heart and promises. You own me baby, and I don't ever want to imagine a life or a future without you.

I still remember the first time you told me "...I said I love you" lol. We have so many sweet memories already, and yet we still have forever to have many more. There is nothing I desire more than to spend the rest of my life with you, have beautiful and wonderful kids with you, raise a lovely family with you, go on so many dates and vacations, watch the smile on your face as we grow old together. We are inseparable. What we have is definitely sent from above. You're indeed my 2nd and better have, and I have completely no doubt about that, and I long for that day I stand before you, hold your hands, look into your eyes, and say before the world, "I DO".
I love you like nothing else, and I miss you so much Baby.
Please take good care of my kids mum, cause she's gonna be the greatest.
I love you SINIVIE FAVOUR BOKOLO...enjoy the last name while it still last 😚
Happy Valentine Baby.

We'll have many more to spend together.

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