Wednesday, February 3, 2016

He Drives Range Rover sport! He is a Bussiness man+ lives with 6 of his friends in a self contained.

My boyfriend is so cute and drives a Range Rover sport. He is a business man, he sells phones and laptops, but he does not have a house cause he claims Abuja is expensive.
My boyfriend still lives with his friends in a self contained apartment where they are up to 6 of them. He said they pay 20k each to raise the rent.

Every sex we had was in my house, apparently he lives with me cause most of his things are in my house. I was very very ok with it since I work and we both love each other. He just proposed yesterday and I accepted , but am so scared . My fear is, where will we live? How will he organize the wedding when he can't even afford a house?
So I confronted him with my fears and his reply to me was - 'baby, why did you think I want to marry you ? I want to marry you cause you are a strong woman and I know you will support me.
Baby if I don't have a house, you have a house,
if I can't pay for our wedding, baby you are working, if I fall, you should hold me. That is why 2 will become one.  I was so, so shocked.
He further said we will maintain the self contained I live in now and share the rent, and as for our wedding we will make it small and portable with the contribution we will get.
I told my mum about this recent development and she asked me to return his ring to him, that the man will be a liability to me and the family.

Please fellow subs what do YOU all think? Cause I and my mum will be reading all your opinions, comment/Advice. Thank you.


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