Tuesday, February 2, 2016

He exposed himself unknowingly

I met this guy when I gained admission into university,we were living in the same area. He was in 400l while I was doing my pre-degree program but we weren't friend,we didn't talk at all. After my pre-degree program,I changed hostel.

Early 200l,my phone's ba3 was down,so I needed to charge,I entered a hostel and knocked on a room, to my surprise this...

...guy lived there. To cut the long story short, we met again,he asked me out and I gave him yes. We started dating when I was in 200l,he told me about his ex gf,how much he loved her and how she broke his heart, everybody has their past was my comment to him. Our relationship was going smoothly until he told me the girl was trying to come back and showed me...
...all her messages,I smiled and didn't react negatively to it and the issue went down. I noticed he started restricting some files on his phone ,"what is my own,everybody has the right to do whatever on their phone"was what I thought. After his graduation he changed location which made us barely see. On my bday he decided I should celebrate it at...
...his new  place and I accepted. A day after my bday celebration,I took his phone and guessed the restriction code,after 3attempt I was in. I went through all his social networks and found out he was back with his ex gf and judging from what I read,the girl has upper hand compared to me.....I was disappointed and heartbroken,he pleaded in various.
...ways,he promised to make things right and I forgave him. 4months later, I went to his side, I noticed the girl's frequent call and lots of abusive messages,I asked what was going on and he explained he broke up with her. I was sad cos he made lots of promises to leave the girl four months ago but didn't do so until now but at the same time I was happy cos at last.The
girl story is out of my life. It was then he told me
everything about both of them and apologized again but what choice did I have,I love him so much that am not ready to loose him,so I forgave him and everything was going smoothly. Some months after the incident which happened to be yesterday,he called me and gisted me the latest saga of her,he told.. he just found out the girl was playing him during the months they were together that she had another guy and the guy proposed to her while my bf and the girl were together. I got some fact while he was talking including his plan to make the girl his wife this year since they are both graduate and doing fine  but on my side,am still in school(400l). I was...

...seriously angry and I called him lots of names and told him never to call me again and hung up. He has been disturbing me with calls and messages since then but I didn't react to any of it. Please I need advice,am I making mistake cos I'm thinking I should end the relationship or should I forgive him?
The End.


  1. Give him some time, she was his ist love so he is still hooked to her.. Everything will eventually fall into place he wil come back if he loves you

  2. Give him some time, she was his ist love so he is still hooked to her.. Everything will eventually fall into place he wil come back if he loves you


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