Wednesday, February 24, 2016

He Hits Me........Beat Me Blue And Black With A Blind Eye!........

I'm not happy and the least thing I need is for anyone to add to my wounds.
I want criticism tho, correct me where I'm wrong and advice me where necessary
Iv been married to my husband less than a year. We have a baby together but I'm not going back to work until he is a year.
The challenge however is that we are always arguing and fighting on the basis that I'm asking him to create time to spend with us, let me know when u wanna go out and not assume I should know everything. When your coming home late keep me informed. I mean it's bad enough you are  going to come home at 4am but can I please know u r coming late!

My own flaw on the other hand is that I'm very temperamental. I never keep it down when I'm upset and I think already he has had it cos I can see clearly he is beginning to change!
We had an argument last week and he hit me... Yes u read right, hit me... Beat me blue black with a blind eye!
Now leaving him is not an option not because
I'm afraid to leave or cos I feel it's early but because I want to make it work. We promised each other forever so that's not an option.
I just feel lonely and out of place. Sometimes I feel like I have post partum depression or maybe I just over think. I just want understanding between us and for peace to reign!


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