Friday, February 19, 2016

He is a hard-working guy, but stingy.

My name is Amaka, am in a relationship with this guy, he is very hard working,but the issue I have with him is that he is too too stingy.
My fellow girls do envy  me & they say am so lucky to have him in my life and I will smile,my friends will tell me that a guy,
Who doesn't take care of you has another woman..most of my time I spend it will him & he uses my pictures on his DP few times I asked him for money he bluntly told me he doesn't have so since then I stopped asking him for money
 ..even in his house I use my money to do things and now he wants me to go home that am done with school, it won't be right hanging around doing nothing (to me is like he is tired of me because can't see why he wants me away )and he is not a fan of long distance relationship but he will to and make it work, he doesn't use the word I love U because he doesn't want to feel stocked.

Need ur Advice

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