Sunday, February 14, 2016

He said we have become more of bussiness partners than lovers.

I have been in this relationship for about 3 years now. We started when he had no job or anything. We were both graduates. I was awaiting service and during that period I had a part time job that I tried supporting him with from what I made. Though he did menial jobs here and there. I went for service and we were fine. After service he got a job and that started taking his time.
He barely even had time for me. And I always complained which then made me a nag according to him. So I decided to cut some slack, take things as I see them and go with it for peace to reign.‎ I did menial jobs to sort my needs out and started up a biz early last year. Some time last year I started getting worried about the way he complained about his boss and the way he complains about salary not
being able to cover his expenses. I encouraged
him to start up a biz which I have been forcing
him to do for about 2 years now.‎ He finally gave in and we put things in order, not long after his boss fired him. I have been supportive financially, emotionally, mentally....

...everystep of the way. Well this year, he said we had become more of biz partners than lovers and we were less sensitive towards each other. And that he had been double dating and he felt I should know cos I deserve better and his was feeling guilty and he was sorry and wanted to change. And I specifically asked if he needed me to go and he said no thay he is...

...ending it with her. ‎I was angry and pissed, even avoided him. Then his friend called me and apologised on his behalf that he told him everything and he sounded remorseful that I should forgive him. I later called him that I have forgiven him and we were going to act like it never happened and never speak of it again. Later that evening I tried...

...calling him, he didn't pick later he picked and was sounding funny. I called back and he told me to call him back that he is at his gf place. I called back nd the girl picked my call telling me her bf is not around and I should leave a message. Now he is calling to apologise, that he loves us both and it's messed up and complicated that I shld give him time to sort himself out.
That he knows I have been through a lot for him. I really love him but I can't bear this insult. ‎I really want to walk away but I feel more hurt when I think of it. I am not sure I can start another relationship. Friends advice I should leave even his siblings. Im hurt nd confused. What do I do.
The End

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